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Located in western Pennsylvania, District 11 is comprised of Lawrence, Allegheny and Beaver counties. The district has its headquarters in Bridgeville, Allegheny County. It is the smallest of all the transportation districts in the state. District 11 shares a border with District 1 to the north, District 10 to the east, District 12 to the south and Ohio to the west.

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PennDOT District 1 PennDOT District 2 PennDOT District 3 PennDOT District 4 PennDOT District 5 PennDOT District 6 PennDOT District 8 PennDOT District 9 PennDOT District 10 PennDOT District 12 With a population of 307,484, the city of Pittsburgh in Allegheny County is the second largest city in Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh is home to three professional sports franchises: the Pittsburgh Penguins (ice hockey), Pittsburgh Pirates (baseball) and Pittsburgh Steelers (football), who were named after the city’s once-booming steel industry. The Steelers are the most popular team in the city. Every Steelers home game since 1972 has sold out.

Access to Pittsburgh from the northern cities in the state would likely be Interstate 79. Interstate 76 would be the most likely route from the east. Both of these Interstate highways are major travel routes for the state of Pennsylvania. U.S. Routes 19 and 422 are also widely used in District 9.

Due to the population density in Pittsburgh and the surrounding towns, the district sees a fair amount of car crashes every year. In 2011, there were 14,305 car accidents that resulted in 101 deaths and 8,952 injuries. That total represents the fourth-most car accidents of any district in Pennsylvania. Trucking accidents are a different story for District 11 – there were a total of 52 fatal truck accidents between 2006 and 2010. This was the third-lowest total of all the districts in that time frame.

Average weather conditions in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas are very similar to other parts of western Pennsylvania. Snow conditions are not usually severe in winter months, and local snow removal teams in the city and surrounding areas do a good job of keeping roads clear and salted. It is always advisable to use extreme caution when the weather turns bad, and only drive during a storm when necessary.

Roads in PennDOT District 11

The roads most widely used in the district are Interstates 76, 79, 279 and 376, along with U.S. Routes 19, 22, 30 and 422.

  • Interstate 76 is a widely used route to Pittsburgh from southeastern cities. I-76, which has the most daily vehicle miles traveled (DVMT) of any road in Pennsylvania, enters the state in Lawrence County (District 11). I-76 enters PennDOT District 10 briefly in Butler County then returns to District 11 in Allegheny County. The Interstate then crosses into District 12 and continues east through Districts 9, 8 and 6. After passing through Philadelphia, I-76 crosses into New Jersey where it terminates in Camden.

  • For most travelers, access to Pittsburgh from northeastern cities in the state is likely to be Interstate 79, which runs from Lake Erie southbound through District 1 and into Butler County in District 10. I-79 enters PennDOT District 11 via Allegheny County, continuing south through Pittsburgh before reaching District 12 and finally the West Virginia state line.

  • Interstate 279 is a spur from Interstate 79 that runs north–south in Allegheny County alone. I-279 starts at the Fort Pitt Bridge in Pittsburgh and culminates to the north in Franklin Park.Interstate 376 is an auxiliary route off of Interstate 76 that is entirely in Allegheny County.

  • U.S. Route 19 runs in parallel to I-79, starting from the New York border to the north and heading south through District 1 before entering Butler County in District 10. U.S. 19 reaches District 11 in Allegheny County, running east of Pittsburgh before entering District 12. The road continues south through the cities of Washington and Waynesboro before reaching the border of West Virginia.

  • U.S. 22 runs east from Ohio and briefly crosses into West Virginia before entering Pennsylvania in District 12. The Route briefly goes through Allegheny County in District 11 before entering District 12 again. U.S. 22 then proceeds east across Districts 9, 2, 8 and 5 before entering New Jersey.

  • U.S. Route 30 connects Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. The Route enters Pennsylvania from Ohio in Butler County (District 11). It then heads east through Districts 12, 9, 8 and 6, where it crosses the state line into New Jersey.

  • The western segment of U.S. Route 422 enters Pennsylvania in Lawrence County (District 11). The Route then heads east into District 10, also via Lawrence County. The western segment ends in Cambria County in District 9.