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Headquartered in the city of Clearfield, District 2 is comprised of nine counties: McKean, Potter, Elk, Cameron, Centre, Clinton, Mifflin, Clearfield and Juniata. District 2 has the state of New York at its northern border, with District 3 to the east, Districts 8 and 9 to the south, and Districts 1 and 10 to the west.

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PennDOT District 12 PennDOT District 11 PennDOT District 10 PennDOT District 9 PennDOT District 8 PennDOT District 6 PennDOT District 5 PennDOT District 4 PennDOT District 3 PennDOT District 1 Centre County has the highest population of any county in the district, with over 140,000 people choosing to make the county their home. This is in large part due to Penn State University, which is in the city of State College. Often referred to as “Happy Valley,” State College has a population of over 42,000. Penn State’s football stadium is routinely packed on Saturdays during the fall and winter months by spectators who come to watch the Nitany Lions play, with average attendances reaching over 100,000. Aside from State College and the surrounding townships, District 2 is largely rural, as most of the nine counties in the district are among the least populated in the state.

The district’s small population reflects the low amount of miles driven every day in District 2 (roughly 12,575,000 daily vehicle miles traveled, the lowest of any district in the state). In spite of being a large district geographically, District 2 only has 8,670 linear miles, the lowest amount of miles of any Pennsylvania district.

As far as highway safety is concerned, District 2 is the second safest in the state with only 4,186 car accidents reported in 2011. Out of those crashes, 70 people were killed and 2,728 were injured. As far as trucking accidents go, District 2 saw 71 fatal tractor trailer crashes between 2006 and 2010. Clearfield County alone had 31 fatal tractor trailer crashes during that time span, the fourth most of any county in the state.

Much like District 1, District 2 has harsh climates to contend with in the fall and winter months, with cloudy conditions and heavy snowfall.

Roads in PennDOT District 2

The main roads in District 2 are Interstates 80 and 99, along with U.S. Routes 6, 219, 220 and 322.

  • Interstate 80, which runs through the entire state. It is one of the most traveled routes in District 2 even though it does not travel directly through any major metropolitan area. I-80 comes into district 2 from district 1 and travels east into district 3. It continues to travel east throughout Pennsylvania until it reaches New Jersey.

  • Interstate 99 branches off from I-80 in Centre County and heads south into District 9.

  • To the north, U.S. Route 6 is the main road connecting McKean and Potter counties in District 2. Route 6 weaves through the entire state of Pennsylvania, running from Ohio and eastward through District 1 and into District 2. Route 6 then continues on to Tioga County in District 3 before reaching District 4. After leaving District 2, the highway then enters District 1 before heading into Ohio.

  • U.S. Route 219 runs north–south starting at Pennsylvania’s northern border with New York, the highway runs south through McKean, Elk and Clearfield counties in District 2 before going through District 9 and continuing on into Maryland.

  • U.S. Route 220 starts in New York and runs through District 3 before momentarily heading west into District 2, where it goes through Clinton and Centre counties. The route then travels south into District 9 before going into Maryland.

  • U.S. Route 322 runs from Ohio and through District 1 and 2 before heading southeast into District 8. The highway then travels into District 6 before entering New Jersey.